The Shades of September – Part 2


There’s only been one thing that my (now three year old) was more excited about than her birthday – and that was her birthday party!   To be honest, I’ve been pretty excited too – I absolutely love planning birthday parties, I think it brings out the kid in me, and the anticipation and excitement leading up to it is infectious.

I wanted to give Ella a party she would really love but without being over the top (erm…. Dubai style) ….so that meant a lot of homemade and DIY details were needed.  Luckily  I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict and my goal in life is to create a Pinterest-worthy party (albeit on a fairly meagre budget).

I wanted to continue with the pretty pastel theme I had been so immersed in with the bedroom makeover (see details of that in this post) – and so decided to create a pretty ice cream parlour using soft pinks, purple and mint. Ice cream is one of Ella’s favourite things (let’s face it, which toddler doesn’t love ice cream?) so she was immediately onboard with the idea.


The focus of the party room was an ice cream stand filled with different toppings so that each of the little guests could make up their own ice creams.  We used an old IKEA market stall and green painters tape to get the effect we wanted and it turned out to be a real hit.


Garlands and paper ice creams hung from the ceiling and pink, purple and green balloons seemed to fill every corner of our house.   I even got Ella involved choosing her favourite ice cream pictures and sticking them on posterboard to conceal the artwork in our dining room.




We served strawberry milk in gorgeous mini mason jars, then popcorn, fruit and marshmallows were served in paper ‘cones’ which I made by printing off a waffle pattern and folding the paper in a cone shape.

One of my favourite details was the favour boxes. I downloaded the customisable templates for these from Paperbuilt, and while they were a bit labour and time intensive to make- they really turned out great and were a fun alternative to party bags.


There was only one stipulation for this party from the birthday girl and that was that there HAD to be chocolate cake.  I had originally wanted to get an ice cream cake (in keeping with the theme) so I had to improvise and put an ice cream on top of the cake instead of inside it – I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out though, thanks to a little last minute help from Hey Sugar Bakeshop.


Lime Tree Cafe provided us with yummy party food for the kiddos as well as some delicious snacks for the mums and dads to keep us all going through the chaos.



And after everyone had had their fill of ice cream and cake, we moved outdoors where we had turned our backyard into a mini splash park. A Bouncy castle, inflatable water slides, splash pools and lots of pretty pink beach balls took over the garden.
I filled brightly coloured buckets with bubble wands, water guns and of course lots of ice lollies….



The birthday girl had a blast and the fact that she’s asking if she can have an ice cream party again next year, means I must have got this one right!




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