The Countdown to Christmas

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE this time of year. The festivity and magical atmosphere in the build up to Christmas just can’t be beaten.  We are in that wonderful (albeit all-too-short) window of time of having a little person who is old to enough to “get” Christmas but still young enough to truly believe in the magic of it, so I really want to make this special  time count and create as many wonderful memories as I can.

The countdown to the big day is most of the fun – so here are a few of my favourite ideas from around the web:


What month of December is complete without an Advent calendar?  Unfortunately (as I’m sure other parent’s can relate to) starting every day in December with chocolate, and dealing with a post-sugar crash before 10am, is not my idea of a particularly magical time.  So these calendars with pockets or boxes that you can fill with your own little treasures and surprise notes are lovely alternatives to the classic chocolate-window calendars that I grew up with.

Every compartment in these gorgeous handmade sets contain a piece that builds up a scene .  There are beautiful options for boys and girls and they can reused year after year – bonus!


An idea I’m really excited about trying for the first time this year, is a book advent calendar!  24 Christmas themed books wrapped up and numbered so that one can be opened every day and read together.

We already have quite a collection of Christmas books – I pack them all away with the decorations every year so they are like new books every time, and it shouldn’t break the bank because I’ll only need to buy a couple to top up the pile or replace books that have been outgrown.






I also love the idea of creating a small tree that can be decorated day-by-day until Christmas:

dowel tree.png


This Danish-inspired tree comes from Nalle’s House blog – which even includes details on how to make your own  DIY tree.  I’ve cheated though and bought mine from Ikea….



The plan is to spend the weeks leading up to Christmas making all sorts of arts-and-crafts decorations together to hang on this special little tree.


And finally,

We could not forget the Elf on the Shelf!   We introduced our elf last year and it is fast becoming one of my favourite Christmas traditions.  The giggles and shrills of excitement while running around the house each morning trying to find where our elf had appeared was something I sorely missed once Dec 26th rolled around.  Then there’s the fact that he watches over little boys and girls and reports back to the north pole every night on their behavior that day….  I, for one, will take whatever help I can get in the behavior department, so if the little felt man gets better results than I can, so be it.

Here’s some of the things our mischievous elf got up to…..  I can’t wait to see what he ‘s going to come up with next……


Enjoy your countdowns this year mums and dads!  These are truly the things that memories are made of!


One thought on “The Countdown to Christmas

  1. celiabrophy says:

    It”s never too early to start planning the creating Christmas Magic – It’s July 2017 now. My grand-kids are going to love this!

    Thanks for posting this. Have a Super Today!


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